Tula Software Launches GoFund Me Campaign to raise money for Bridges Through Yoga



I'm excited to announce today that Tula Software has launched a GoFund Me campaign to support Bridges Through Yoga, an organization based in Minneapolis, MN that brings yoga to people of color, and that uses yoga as a catalyst to facilitate conversations about race. 

This campaign will run for 30 days from September 6th through October 5th. 

We're asking friends, customers, vendors, and yoga instructors we've worked with to consider helping us support Bridges Through Yoga by making donations, sharing the fundraiser with your networks, hosting donation classes, and anything else you may feel inspired to do.

This is the second fundraiser we've worked to help organize, and as I've written in the past, we hope to make fundraisers a part of our DNA - allowing us to gather as a community and make a significant, positive impact for an organization. 

I've had the pleasure of working with James Orione, the founder of Bridges Through Yoga, through producing the Minneapolis Yoga Conference. I can say with certainty that the funds we raise through this campaign will help make a positive impact in our collective community, and that they will be used well. Read more about the use of funds on the GoFund Me page

Ideas and Inspiration for Participating

To help you, and in particular our customers, find some inspiration I wanted to outline the ways in which Maile and I plan to participate in this fundraiser:

  1. We'll be making donations throughout the campaign.
  2. Maile is hosting a "donation day" on the 7th Anniversary of Tula Yoga Studio. On October 1, all classes at Tula will be donation classes, and all proceeds will go towards the GoFund Me supporting Bridges Through Yoga.
  3. We're releasing 50 heavily discounted full weekend passes to the 2019 Minneapolis Yoga Conference for $295. 15% of all sales ($45) from these passes sold will go directly to the GoFund Me.
  4. And lastly, we'll be working with Bryant Lamont and Robert Clark, the two artists who participated in the 2018MYC creating the artwork, to host an event/auction to sell the artwork they created, and here again with all proceeds going towards the GoFund Me campaign.

We're asking for your help. We need your help!

We learned a lot after we did our first fundraiser in 2016, and we hope by choosing the GoFund Me platform and making the campaign last for 30 days, that many of our customers will find a way to organize their own communities for a class, a day, or whatever is right for them, to help with this fundraiser. 

Please read more about Bridges Through Yoga and consider making a donation at https://www.gofundme.com/bridges-through-yoga

Thank you for your help and support!