Enhanced Waivers Functionality Now Available!

Update: 9/6/18

2018-09-06 at 10.34 AM.png

This feature is no longer in beta, and can be activated at any time on the waivers settings page.


I'm excited to announce a big update to our Electronic Waivers functionality, which now allows your students to sign waivers in the browser when registering for classes and when purchasing passes.

On-line Acceptance

Historically, our waivers system was designed in such a way to mirror the paper and pencil process: students would sign waivers on an iPad or iPhone apps when they came into the studio for the first time. And of course, this still operates and functions in exactly the same way. 

Understandably though, many of our customers also wanted students to be able agree to their liability waivers when making payments or registering for classes. Now, our customers can optionally turn on "online acceptance". When enabled, Tula will present your students with a checkbox next to a link taking them to your electronic waiver, which they'll have to agree to before proceeding. 

When registering...

When registering...

When purchasing...

When purchasing...

In addition, when online acceptance is activated, we'll also require acceptance when creating an account or setting a password for the first time. And of course, we'll only present this checkbox to people when we should. Students will see the checkbox when they're logged out, or when they're logged in and they don't already have a waiver on file. Students that are logged in and already have a waiver on file won't be presented with the checkbox as they will have already agreed to your policies.

New Design

We also used this as an opportunity to enhance the design of the signed waiver PDF files themselves, adding more information about the student as well as the document id.

2018-08-21 at 2.34 PM.png

Beta Period Now Open

We've decided to release this initial round of updates in a closed beta - if you'd like to begin taking advantage of this new functionality just shoot us a quick note through the in-app support channel, or send us an email and we'll activate online signatures for you.

We have a number of other enhancements around the waiver system following this one, and we look forward to showing you more updates in the weeks ahead!