First updates of the new year!

Earlier this month we pushed out our first handful of updates for the new year, and focused our efforts on a few items that were causing some irritation for our customers. 

Fixing check-in flag bug

First, we had a bug that was at times causing the check-in flag to go off on some students when being checked in, even though it had previously been turned off by the studio. This was a bit of a difficult one to track down but ultimately figured out what was going on: we were inadvertently creating a duplicate record when the flags were being updated. The result was that at times the flag was falsely being thrown, while other times it was correctly NOT being thrown.  We've now updated this, as well as cleaned up all the duplicate records, and our customers shouldn't be seeing this issue anymore. A big "thank you" to those of you who wrote into support about this!

Series Registration from the admin side

We've long had a way for students to register for an entire series of events, such as a beginner series, on the web by way of our website widgets. What was sort of annoying though, is if a student was in your studio, and they wanted to register for a series, you either had to have them go to your website to register or you had to add them to every event individually. This is pretty suboptimal for obvious reasons, so we've updated things so you can now register a student for an entire series of events all at once from the event series page on the admin side of things.

2018-01-29 at 3.19 PM.png

This is one of those "little big" updates I talk about sometimes because while it's a simple little addition in terms of using it, there's quite a bit going on behind the scenes with things like duplicate checking, proper error handling, etc.

Various system updates

In addition to the above we also took care of some general system maintenance and reliability items, updated a few things behind the scenes with our find-a-sub feature, and updated our server stack to address the meltdown security vulnerability you've probably heard about. 

So much more to come!

As usual we'll be pushing out updates all year long, and we can't wait to show you some of the other things we've been working on!