2018 Plans & Pricing for Tula Software

I'm happy today to publicly announce what we shared with our customer base a few weeks ago, a new, simplified plan and pricing structure for all Tula Software subscriptions. 

2018 Plans & Pricing for Tula Software

2018 Plans & Pricing for Tula Software

As has always been the case, our aim with Tula pricing is to provide the greatest impact per dollars spent for our customers, while remaining competitive in the marketplace without necessarily trying to "compete on price".

As we all know, races to the bottom are rarely won.

This price change also reflects the first time in our six year history we are moving our existing customer base to the new pricing. We're proud that this is our first price change in six years, and importantly, only comes after we've driven our credit card fees to the lowest offered anywhere in the industry: 2.2% + $.30/transaction

No company is doing more to help independent studios succeed than Tula Software, and our new pricing continues to reflect this reality. 

Our new pricing is simple and clear: $85 per month gets you everything we offer with the exception of our add-on features. The Base Plan includes Custom Calendars, Custom Payment forms, registrations, member management, reporting, etc. All of it comes on the base plan.

Our Add-on Features are the Find-a-Sub functionality, Electronic Waivers and Retention Center. 

These add-on features now come on our new "Premium" plan, which is now $125/month. In addition, our customers can now choose a single add-on feature for an a-la-carte price of $20. This is great for people who might only want electronic waivers, or only the retention center for example.

Very lastly, we're retiring our "Mudra" plan which provided customers with custom iphone applications. Existing customers are not affected as of yet, but new custom app builds are not being accepted. We'll be posting more about Apple's decision separately, along with our view of the ramifications for the industry, but in the meantime you can get a good primer on the subject by reading this TechCrunch article.

To our customers, we want to say thank you for all your support and for choosing our company to serve you. We're proud to have you as customers. As you know, we shipped a tremendous amount of functionality in 2017 and we're even more excited about what we have in store for 2018!