September 2018 Updates

On the heels of our big updates to the electronic waivers functionality, we took some time in September to push out a handful of small updates that make some nice improvements to Tula, as well as fixed a handful of bugs. Check them out below!

Defaulting to a pass when only one pass is available.

One of our most beloved features are the custom payment forms; they allow you to quickly and easily take payments for any kind of service, are fast and easy to use, and help you generate revenue. There was only one problem with them: if you made a payment form for only one pass, students still had to select the pass on the form, which is really an unnecessary step when there’s only one pass to begin with. So now when you make a custom payment form with only one pass, we’ll just default to that pass.

Updating Special Event Registration Logic

We had a bug that was in some cases preventing students with valid uses on special events from being able to register for their desired special event. After we investigated we learned that we were counting the pending registrations incorrectly, falsely inflating the pending registration count, which was preventing people from proceeding. This has been fixed!

Retention Center Email Creation was buggy on mobile, particularly Android

When trying to send an email via the retention center on a mobile browser, the text input was unstable and difficult to use. We updated Trix, the wonderful editor we use open sourced by the fine people at Basecamp, and all is well again.

More coming soon!

We’re always working to improve Tula, and we’ll have a bunch more announcements for you soon!