Tula Software has Acquired The Minneapolis Yoga Conference

I’m excited to announce today that Tula Software has acquired the Minneapolis Yoga Conference! We’ll be producing and promoting the 2017 Conference, which will take place at the Hyatt in downtown Minneapolis on March 3, 4, and 5, 2017. With this acquisition we’ll have an opportunity to connect more closely and more deeply with our customers than ever before, while also being able to expand the offering to the Minneapolis yoga community. 

For those unfamiliar, Tula Software has been a big sponsor of the Minneapolis Yoga Conference for the past two years, and we’ve made many new friends in the Minnesota Yoga community as a result. Our intention is to make the Minneapolis Yoga Conference the premier yoga conference in the nation, while also continuing to sponsor and support the numerous independent conferences we already attend, and new ones we plan to support in the future. 

Our aim is to honor and highlight the conference’s roots, where the depths of yoga are embraced and celebrated, and where it sits at the fore-front of the Yoga Therapy movement, while also bringing a new and exciting energy to the conference that only Tula Software could bring. 

Each year, students, instructors and studio owners from around the world will have an opportunity to connect, support and learn from each other. We will welcome, honor and respect everyone for where they are on their yogic path, and express gratitude for each person and what they bring to the larger yoga community. 

Over the past couple of years, one of the primary ways we’ve spread the word about Tula Software has been by sponsoring and attending various yoga conferences. And while the raw business results of these efforts are somewhat difficult to measure, I have felt firsthand how valuable and important these conferences are to me personally. I took it as a given that over time, they’d be an important part of our growth, even if it wasn’t something I could measure directly.

After so many positive conference and festival experiences, we had started to think about what a conference produced by Tula Software might look like, primarily so we could have a context whereby we could meet and interact with our customers over a long weekend, and importantly, where they could all meet each other. 

As it turned out, the universe aligned a few things and an opportunity to acquire the Minneapolis Yoga Conference presented itself, and we jumped at it. 

We’ll now be able to both expand the conference for the people of the Minnesota yoga community with whom we’ve become friends, while also have a place where we can invite our customers so we can meet them in person, get to know them and their businesses more deeply, and encourage and support everyone who is helping to spread the wonderfulness that is yoga.

In the weeks ahead we’ll be launching the new website, sharing the schedule, introducing some presenters and give everyone a glimpse of what we’ll be putting together. To the handful of people we’ve already spoken to about this announcement, we can’t thank you enough for your words of encouragement and support.

Thank you