Updated Pricing for Tula Software

Coming off the massive launch of the retention center, I'm super excited to announce today some pricing updates we've made to Tula software and the plan options we've made available. We think each of these tiers now provides more value than ever before, while still giving our customers the same pricing options.

Our pricing plans are staying as they are with three tiers of $79/mo, $99/mo and $139/mo. What's changing however are some of the limits on the plans and the features available with the pans.

The new pricing!

On the $79 Yoga plan, you can now have unlimited studio workers along with your unlimited students! No need to worry about the number of people you have on different roles. I was never in love with charging people more for more instructors, so we're really happy with this change.

The find-a-sub feature has now been moved off of the $79 plan, and put on the $99 plan, along with the electronic waivers and the retention center. Moving this feature onto the mid-tier plan makes the most sense from a feature standpoint, and also allowed us to make the $79 plan become unlimited.

And the $139 plan remains the same, with the custom iPhone application.

Lastly, there's one other big update we decided to make to help celebrate the launch of the retention center! Before the nominal usage based pricing kicks in, we're going to include 5,000 retention center emails on the $99 plan, and 15,000 retention center emails on the $139 plan!

We think this is a great way to thank early adopters of the product, encourage people to upgrade, and also gives our power users another great reason to move up to the top tier plan. 

Here's a handy little graph to outline our pricing tiers. And of course, our existing customers are all grandfathered into their current plans if they don't want anything to change.

$139/month Mudra PLan

  • Everything on the Mala Plan +
  • Custom iPhone App
  • Custom Apple Watch Extension
  • 15,000 retention center emails


$79/month Yoga Plan

  • Unlimited Students
  • Unlimited Instructors
  • Unlimited Calendars
  • Unlimited Payment Forms
  • Registrations
  • Member Management
  • Gift Certificates
  • Etc, etc, etc,

$99/month Mala Plan

  • Everything on the Yoga Plan +
  • Find-a-sub
  • Electronic Waivers
  • Retention Center
  • 5,000 Retention Center Emails Included



We feel very happy that we're able to offer this pricing, and we think it helps solidify our position as the company offering the most value per customer dollar spent in the entire industry. 

If you're still waiting to check out the retention center, there's no better time than right now, and if you have questions please get in touch!