New: Change the pass that credits come from

Last week I wrote up a post about a few early summer updates we had just released, but I'm happy to say we already have another announcement, this time for one of those "big little" features. As customers of Tula know, much of our system revolves around the notion that people buy passes, and passes pay for the Attendance to an event.  

This setup is a wonderfully powerful approach to paying for classes and tracking attendances. One problem with it though is that sometimes a customer would want to override the logic we have in place at the system level to indicate which pass should pay for an attendance.

For example, in our system, we always pull from an unlimited pass if someone has one of those and we always pull a credit from the pass that expires the soonest. Which is great, unless someone has an unlimited pass, and they also have 2 credits left over from a previous pass and they want *that* pass to pay for someone else's attendance.  So for those occasions where you want to pull a specific credit from a specific pass for a specific event for one reason or another, now you can! 

Here's how it works: 

When you check someone into class, everything will operate the same as it always has. But now, you'll notice the pass that paid for the attendance is hyperlinked. Simply click this link to bring up other pass options that can pay for an attendance.  

Change the pass that pays for an attendance with a simple click of a link. 

Change the pass that pays for an attendance with a simple click of a link. 

What's great is that this feature works on all regular classes that are paid for with credits, no matter how many credits the class costs. Meaning, let's say a class costs 3 credits, and you want to change things to pay for the class with three separate passes that each have one credit left on them, well you can do that too.

In addition, you can make this change on the attendances tab of someone's profile as well. 

Big thanks to our customers who wrote in requesting this feature - we're glad we could ship this out for you and hope it makes Tula even more powerful and flexible for you!