More Summer Updates

We have another set of updates we've shipped out recently that we wanted to outline. As we regularly mention, we're always working behind the scenes to enhance Tula in both big and little ways. Here are some of our latest updates:

The return of one to one emails

We had to turn one to one emails off for a bit as technically those were more of transactional emails than group marketing emails, and our email service provider wanted us to treat them differently. That work is done now so you can once again send one to one emails to your students.

New report: Expirations report

It's always been possible to get an idea of when passes were expiring, but we never had an explicit "expirations report" where you could easily choose a date range to see all the passes, and the people who held them, that were expiring within a date range. Now you do with our new expirations report!

Class Attendance report updates

Our class attendance report was timing out sometimes, in particular with larger data sets. We've made some updates to this report to move it to a background job where the report is delivered to you via email once it's run. It's much better and faster now.

iPhone Bug on Profiles

At times the iphone app would crash when viewing a student profile. This was related to our support of international phone numbers and we've pushed out a small update to fix this bug. Now there's no more crashing on any of the student profiles in the iphone or ipad apps.

More to come!

We have a few other things (bigger things!) that we've been working on that we're very excited to announce. We're not quite ready but we should have another announcement for you in early September with one of our most highly requested features!