Early Summer Updates

We've recently pushed out a number of updates we wanted to share with you!

Many of these are various small fixes we've made on the back end to take care of some bugs, while a few are new things to give you more capabilities. Here are some of the latest things we've been working on:

Show/Hide passes for your special events

One of the most powerful and flexible features of Tula Software is our special events feature, which allows you to indicate specific passes that are valid for specific events. We've long allowed our customers to show/hide passes from their main payment form, but special events always showed every pass that was associated with them when students would go through the buy-flow from the calendar. Now, when creating and editing a special event, you can indicate which passes should be visible to the public vs. which passes should only be seen internally.

Quickly and easily indicate which special event passes are visible to the public and which are only available internally. 

Quickly and easily indicate which special event passes are visible to the public and which are only available internally. 

This is great for events where you're having an early-bird price that you want to be able to turn off from public view once the early-bird date is over, or if you have a free pass you use for team-members. 

Custom Calendar Updates

One of the great things about Tula is you can make as many calendars as you need for your studio. Previously though we had some limitations on which events could be combined with each other. So if you chose to show "all regular events" and also include a handful of special event series', the calendar wouldn't load anything.

We've updated things on the back-end of our custom calendars to provide for more options that give you more flexibility on the custom calendars you can make. 


Bug fixes and small updates

Along with the above, we've also pushed out a number of other updates which include:

  • Officially adding support for Japanese Currency
  • Fixed a bug that was preventing valid passes from paying for a special event, if the special event pass type had been trashed.
  • Fixed a bug that would cause new students who no-showed, to later appear in the registration list without their name being included.
  • Fixed a bug where we weren't properly saving the country code on phone numbers when new accounts were created from the updated student widget.
  • Fixed a bug causing some invitation email links to be invalid

More coming soon!

We have a host of other things we've been working on that we're not quite ready to show you, but it won't be long before we have another update for you!