Yoga Roundup XIII: Jan. 19 – Jan. 25, 2014

The Week’s Top Yoga News, According to the People at Tula Software

Laughter is the Best Medicine

Volunteers of America – Greater New York has introduced laughter yoga to its list of health classes for veterans and is receiving positive results. Teacher Jeannette Watson Sanger, connected with veterans after the loss of her brother-in-law during the Vietnam war and wanted to help those soldiers who have returned but haven’t forgotten the devastating effects of war. “These veterans have been through so much stress. The problem is that they come back from serving and many vets don’t get a lot of support from the community. They aren’t being cared for,” Sanger says. “I have seen that even a half-hour yoga session is enough to alleviate some of their anxiety and trauma.”

Big thanks to Sanger and teachers like her everywhere for volunteering.  

Learn More

And if you’re looking to try a new form of yoga, give laughter yoga a try! You can learn more about this style and its benefits here.

The Biggest Entrepreneur

If you’ve ever found yourself watching, crying while watching (definitely not us) and being inspired by The Biggest Loser, then this yoga studio is for you!

Season 14 Winner of the popular weight loss Danni Allen show has gone on to open her own yoga studio in Chicago, One 2 One Yoga Fitness.

After going through the physically and emotionally demanding process of losing 121 pounds, Allen realized how much mental power was needed, which made her want to open the studio along with her business partner.

Best of luck to Danni and her new studio!

Yoga might start with the body, but that shouldn’t be where it ends.”

Opinionated blogger Charlotte Shane writes about her journey through yoga, from practicing to teaching and eventually to quitting the practice. Shane expresses her desire to leave the ego that comes along with Western yoga behind and bring the mental aspect more into focus.

“From day one, the vast majority of people arrive on the mat expecting exercise. The spiritual portion they can take or leave, turn off or on, as their own interest dictates.”

Beers, Babes, Bros, Broga

Maybe touching upon Shane’s concerns is a San Antonio Gold’s Gym’s newest class Broga. This men’s only yoga class, created by Robert Sidoti, essentially is like any other yoga class, but without the traditional yoga language or terms for poses. And poses that require a high level of flexibility (something a lot of men struggle with) is left out of the class. Broga is being taught at three different San Antonio Gold’s locations and we expect to see it in many more by the end of the year.

Power in Numbers

If you're planning on being in Mexico City this Sunday, Jan. 26th be sure to attend the fourth annual Naam Super Yoga Class. The event is expecting to have 25,000 attendees, making it the world’s largest. We’ll have an update on the event next week!