Yoga Roundup XIV Jan. 26 – Feb. 1, 2014

Flying High and Looking Good

After Pink did an even more amazing acrobatic performance at this year’s Grammy Awards than last year’s, people have been wanting to know how they too can fly over Beyoncé and Jay-Z while belting high notes. Enter Acro-Yoga, a combination of acrobatics and yoga that’s gaining a following and starting to appear in cities like Chattanooga. Says Matt Fields-Johnson, a yoga instructor in the city, “"I think when you see people moving it opens up people's eyes to the possibilities of what the human body can do." "Performances inspire people, and what's cool about acro-yoga is there is stuff that anyone can do. It can speak to everyone, and it makes it a really versatile practice."

It’s Hard Out There for a Wasp

In a serious case of first world problems xoJane (a women’s website) blogger Jen Caron has been under fire since writing a piece for the xoJane series “It Happened to Me.” If you look at the series, you can see some intriguing titles, such as I Am a Gigolo or I Survived a Shipwreck, but Caron’s piece There Are No Black People in my Yoga Classes and I’m Suddenly Feeling Uncomfortable with it seems like an odd choice. Caron describes herself as having a “skinny white girl body” and that when a heavier black woman came to her yoga class, she felt like this new yogi was judging her. Caron tries to go on and explain that this is because yoga in the West has been reserved for rich, white people and how this needs to change, but the damage has been done at this point. The apology article will most likely be out soon. 

A Body in Motion…

A new study on breast cancer survivors who practiced yoga after treatment has shown that yoga decreases fatigue among patients. The study also showed that survivors “had lower levels of cytokines” in their blood, “which are markers for inflammation.”  Fatigue is cited as an issue among many survivors who are trying to get back to their normal lives and do the activities they love. Another point for yoga.

There’s a Yoga Class for Everyone

Ever wanted to go to a yoga class, but realized your weekly Dungeons and Dragons meeting was at the same time? Problem solved! An artist in Brooklyn has created a D&D Yoga Class for devotees of the popular fantasy game. The class is lead but a yoga instructor directing the poses, but also by a “Dungeon Master” who dictates the game. The artist and class creator, Scott Wayne Indiana, hopes the class will gain popularity in other cities soon.

Hair of the Yogi

If you plan on watching the Super Bowl this Sunday (GO BRONCOS), chances are you might have a bit of a hangover the next day from partaking in the festivity. While a Bloody Mary, some Advil and a nap under your desk might help, try these yoga poses in addition to lineup of your surefire cures and you’ll be able to keep your lunch down in no time.