The challenge continues

I mentioned the other day that I was doing the 30 day yoga challenge at Maile's studio, and that I'd try to post an update each day.

Well luckily my yoga has been better than my blogging!

After 12 days I'm still in. Interestingly, I've noticed that days 4, 8 and 12 have been the most difficult for me. I'm not sure why this is - and I wonder if I've created a mental pattern here.

Now technically in order to 'win' the challenge at Maile's studio and get a free month you have to do yoga each day at Tula.

But work travel made that impossible for me as I came out to San Francisco yesterday to spend some time at the Yoga Journal conference and to meet up with some folks.

I'm still keeping my own challenge going though! I took a class at Union Yoga yesterday that was excellent - although on the heels of the Chicago -> SF flight the 90 minute class took it's toll on me.

Today I'm definitely sticking to 60 minutes.