LeoRising at the 2019 Tula Software Minneapolis Yoga Conference

This post is a part of a series introducing the presenters of our 2019 yoga conference, (March 22-24, 2019) sharing more about them, our own perspective and intentions for their involvement, and how their unique offerings contribute to the larger conference experience.

Leo _headshot.jpg

Professional Bio

Leo Rising is a 250hr Accredited Yoga Teacher based in Manhattan. As a yoga teacher, Leo found that the physically rehabilitating practices of asana (yoga poses) and pranyama (breath work) open aspects of existence that are connected, grounded, stable and promote clarity upon every action, and the space to exist fully present, while still.

Leo Rising accredits his honed abilities to the generous teachers of his life and personal Gurus, that have been with him for his whole journey.

My own self-study has revealed to me that I often times find myself afraid of losing the people that I’m drawn the most to. It’s meaningful to me then, that I for a time I visualized LeoRising as a shooting star, captivated by his presence, yet bracing myself for his disappearance.

Over the years, I’ve had the pleasure of working with him numerous times, and so now I simply seem him as a star.

LeoRising is presenting at the conference for the third time this year, and he’ll be leading two workshops - one on Saturday and one on Sunday. I’m thrilled he’s returning; his workshops provide the opportunity for a deep, meaningful experience and people at the conference always come out of his workshops excited about what they just took.

LeoRising has a fun, playful, deep, dynamic personality who unapologetically shines as bright as he can, and in the process, makes the people around him brighter as well.

I’m thrilled he’s returning to the conference and know people will once again love his workshops.

You can learn even more about the workshops LeoRising will be teaching at the 2019 Tula Software Minneapolis Yoga Conference, along with dozens of other presenters bringing hundreds of workshop hours, at https://tulasoftware.com/myc2019. Join us at The Most Comprehensive Yoga Conference in the Nation, March 22-24, 2019.