Kristi Taylor at the 2019 Tula Software Minneapolis Yoga Conference

This post is a part of a series introducing the presenters of our 2019 yoga conference, (March 22-24, 2019) sharing more about them, our own perspective and intentions for their involvement, and how their unique offerings contribute to the larger conference experience.


Professional Bio

Kristi Taylor is an International Presenter, Co-Founder & Co-Owner Global Body Health, Thai Massage Therapist, Speaker, Certified AcroYoga and Certified Baptiste Power Yoga Instructor. An exceptional teacher who actively transforms fear into joy through her exquisite instruction, her extraordinary ability to empower others and transform lives by creating trust, connection and community where we learn together, play together and see where once there was fear, there now is possibility...and joy...

"In my work with Kristi there have been things in both Yoga and AcroYoga that I feared doing, because they seemed so difficult. Kristi always, simply, said, "You can do it. You will do it." I knew she really believed that but I still didn't. Until, with her help, my thought changed from I can't do that to I can't believe I'm doing this!" - Michael McGlone

Few people bring a level of support and enthusiasm to working with our company the way Kristi does, and I consider her a generous and important collaborator and co-creator.

Kristi is always willing to experiment with workshop ideas, collaborate with other presenters, and is constantly mindful about how her offerings fit in with the larger conference experience. She has an extraordinary depth to her teaching while also being approachable, kind, fun and enthusiastic.

At the 2019 conference Kristi is partnering with Faith Hunter to create a custom 4.5 hour Saturday intensive, is teaching an additional two hour workshop, and is also going to lead us in the closing ceremony, the final event of the conference.

Kristi is a dynamic personality who brings her whole self to her work and cares deeply about the students in her class, and the experience they have in her workshops.

Come see Kristi and dozens of other world class presenters at the 2019 Tula Software Minneapolis Yoga Conference!

You can learn even more about the workshops Kristi will be teaching at the 2019 Tula Software Minneapolis Yoga Conference, along with dozens of other presenters bringing hundreds of workshop hours, at Join us at The Most Comprehensive Yoga Conference in the Nation, March 22-24, 2019.