Faith Hunter at the 2019 Tula Software Minneapolis Yoga Conference

This post is a part of a series introducing the presenters of our 2019 yoga conference, (March 22-24, 2019) sharing more about them, our own perspective and intentions for their involvement, and how their unique offerings contribute to the larger conference experience.


I am a (very!) big fan of Faith Hunter’s and we’re fortunate and grateful she’s chosen to work with us as much as she has. Faith has taught at the conference every year since we began producing it and also presented at the MYC in 2015, the first year Tula was a sponsor.

She owns a yoga studio in Washington, D.C., travels internationally teaching workshops around the world, has a large social media presence and has even taught yoga on the White House lawn. As an entrepreneur I admire what she’s cultivated and I appreciate how easy and professional she is to work with.

At the 2019 conference Faith will be leading the opening ceremony which she’s titled “We are love”. On Saturday, she’s collaborating with Kristi Taylor to co-present a special 4.5 hour Saturday morning intensive. The idea behind it is that within the conference, they’ll carve out some specific space for a group of people to connect a little more deeply than the two hour workshops allow. We haven’t done intensives on Saturday before, and I’m excited to see how this turns out. This is another great thing about working with Faith: her openness and willingness to collaborate, experiment, and see what happens. Very lastly, Faith will be teaching a two hour workshop on Sunday all about Awakening your Chakras.

As you can see Faith is once again a big part of the conference offering, and we’re thrilled about everything she’s going to bring. We hope to see you there!

Professional Bio

Faith Hunter ~ International yoga and meditation instructor, wellness philanthropist, movement motivator, healing guide, music head, and Spiritually Fly theorist.

Meet Faith Hunter, DC/NYC based Yoga instructor, global traveler, & Lifestylist, sprinkled with a dash of Louisiana charm. Faith began her life long love affair with yoga in the early 90s as a way to cope as her beloved brother Michael was dying from a complication related to AIDS. Through meditation and mindfulness Faith was able to release her fears and experience an awakening from within. From that day forward, she committed herself to sharing these practices with the world. Always eager to learn, explore, and share, Faith is an inspiring and generous mentor to yoga practitioners of all skill levels.

You can learn even more about the workshops Faith will be teaching at the 2019 Tula Software Minneapolis Yoga Conference, along with dozens of other presenters bringing hundreds of workshop hours, at Join us at The Most Comprehensive Yoga Conference in the Nation, March 22-24, 2019.