The best support in the industry now even better

One of the things we pride ourselves on at Tula is our customer service and support. We're always happy to help our customers as often as they need, and with whatever it is they need help with. Whether that be with a general question about our system, getting some help putting the widgets in their website, or just wanting to chat about the business of yoga with someone.

As we do with our product, we're always looking to refine our business operations as well, and I'm thrilled to announce today a massive upgrade to our already amazing customer support. We've changed support systems on the back end to deliver the optimal customer support experience as often as possible.

Previously, we had a support widget embedded into our product that would allow you to communicate with us. It was nice and it worked well, and our customers always appreciated being able to easily get ahold of us. So we've of course preserved this experience. 

But there were also a lot of little quirks with the system, that I believed created a sub-optimal customer experience at times. Sometimes people would think the support widget was a chat widget, and we'd get a message that said "hey is anyone there?" Sometimes people would ask for a link to the documentation they had read earlier, but couldn't find it. Other times people would ask a question that we've answered many times before, but there was no easy way to access these Frequently Asked Questions.

A human touch is nice, and we're happy to provide that, but sometimes you're even happier with an immediate answer you can find yourself.

So this was our challenge: How to provide better access to information we've already documented, how to make it as easy as ever to send us a message when you do need help, and how to make ourselves even MORE available to our customers than we are right now.

Introducing our new support widget

I'm excited today to announce a major upgrade to our support channel with a new widget that does all three of the following things:

  1. Makes all our documentation instantly available right inside the support widget, in an easily searchable format. (Please search away: We have tools on the back end to alert us to the most common questions people have!)
  2. Allows our customers to send us a message right from within the app, for the times when our documentation doesn't answer a question.
  3. Enables live chat so that we can chat with you in real time, for the times you want to talk with a human RIGHT NOW.

Just as before, you'll see a little question mark in the lower right corner of every page. But now you'll see different internals, with three separate actions you can take. 

Click to enlarge

Click to enlarge

We're so excited to now offer live chat capabilities to our customers, while also making it easier to share the knowledge we've already put together and collected from our customer community so far.

We're obsessive about serving our customers better than anyone else, and we hope you like this latest upgrade as much as we do!