Global Registration Settings, Improved Purchase flows and more

This first part of the fall we've been busy making a bunch of updates to make the overall functionality of Tula better and smoother than ever. Here are a bunch of changes we just pushed out.

Global Registration Settings
One of the core features of Tula is our registrations system. It's very powerful and allows you to dictate whether a payment is required prior to class, among other things. Previously, if a payment was required, people could NOT de-register and if payment was not required people could de-register. We've now given control to you for these settings, and you can choose whether people should be able to de-register, and if so, for how long up until the start time of class. It's a fantastic improvement we think our customers are going to love. Along with this, you can also set default settings to make your event creation faster than ever.

Choose default settings for event creation, and dictate when people can deregister.

Choose default settings for event creation, and dictate when people can deregister.

Improved Credit Card input and pass picker
One of our most important workflows is recording purchases and entering in credit cards. We pushed out an update that makes the credit card input much better, especially when using tablets and iPads. 

Calendar performance Improvements
All calendars are loading much quicker now thanks to the way we're doing a few things differently behind the scenes. Previously when people were logged in, we were calculating their ability to sign up and pay for all classes. Now we only do that for the classes they click on making the loading significantly faster.

Phone Number Internationalization
For a long time too long - our phone numbers inputs were US style phone numbers . Now we have proper phone number inputs for all countries around the world. 

Merge Improvements
Previously when you would merge students, we weren't carrying over future registrations. This is updated now so everything including upcoming registrations are transferred during a merge.

Many other small updates and bug fixes
Along with these changes we've also pushed out numerous little updates, bug fixes, improved error handling and more.

As always we're working on Tula every day to make the system serve you better than ever. We hope you love these latest updates!