iPhone and iPad Updates

We have a slew of updates that have hit all of our various iOS applications that bring new features, bug fixes and general stability enhancements to our entire iOS presence. We have updates available for the main Tula iPhone application, every custom white-label application for all our customers with their own app, and a major update to the iPad app.

Fully featured iPhone and iPad Applications

As Tula continues to grow we’ll continue to fully support Apple’s platform of devices with our awesome native apps. With both our iPhone and iPad applications you can:

  • View your schedule
  • Check people into both regular classes and special events
  • Record purchases
  • Charge & Store Credit Cards
  • View and manage student profiles
  • Have students sign electronic waivers

And of course on the student side of things, via either the core Tula app, or by way of a custom mobile app, your students can:

  • View your studio schedule
  • Register for classes
  • Make purchases
  • Store and manage their credit cards
  • View attendance and purchase history

Our iPad and iPhone apps are now such that if you wanted you could run pretty much all the operations for your studio from either app. Some of our customers simply check people into class via their phones in the studio, while others are using the iPad up at their front desk to both check people in and get waivers signed. My favorite stories though are of studios that are bringing their classes outside for things like beach yoga and SUP yoga.

Studio in the Cloud

With our latest updates, your yoga studio truly can be a studio in the cloud, with Tula with you anywhere you go. Some of the most exciting stories of Entrepreneurship that we’re hearing about are instructors that are starting their own businesses and building their own ‘studios’, but without the traditional studio. 

With ideas ranging from corporate yoga to beach yoga to a series of retreats around the world, studio owners are finding scores of ways to use Tula to strengthen their businesses. We hope you like the latest updates as much as we do!