Enhanced Student Searching and Check-in Flags

Over the past few days we've released some subtle but super handy enhancements to Tula.

Updated View Everyone Page

First, we've updated our 'view everyone' page to allow you to view, filter and sort your people on a number of new parameters. We also killed the pagination and introduced endless scrolling on this page, which makes it a lot more functional.

For example, maybe you want to see everyone who's last attendances was after January 1st. Or maybe you want to see everyone who purchased a pass prior to a certain date. Or maybe you want to see everyone who bought a pass after one date, but their last attendance was after or before another date. Like a lot of things in Tula it's super easy to use and quite simple in the UI, but very powerful underneath.

Check-in Flags

There's always been a nice way to leave notes on your students, but sometimes you might want to call out something important about someone to other staff members. Maybe they've gone negative too many times and they need to make a payment. Maybe there's a medical issue you want your whole staff to be aware of. Now, there's a fast and easy way to add an alert to someone when they're checked in.

When people have the check-in flag set, there will be both a pop-up alert when they're checked in, along with a red flag indicating there's important information about them.

We're always looking for ways to refine and improve Tula, and we hope you like these new features as much as we do!