Footsteps, not clicks

One of the things that most inspires me, is when I see someone walking in our Chicago neighborhood with a yoga mat, headed towards Maile's studio.

We work in an industry where people measure clicks, page views and conversion rates. There are conferences about sales funnels, lead optimization and a host of other things that attempt to turn the art of making something extraordinary and valuable into a predictable science.

And yet the thing I think about most, is footsteps.

People who have built yoga studios, and the people who teach yoga, they do something so valuable that every day people stand up, change their clothes, and sometimes walk through snow storms to get to their yoga.

Think about that. Would you walk for 20 minutes through the snow, in 15 degree weather, to get to your Facebook page? How about to get to your favorite TV show? Questionable at best.  But every day I see people walking through our neighborhood to get to their yoga.

Why this matters is because we recognize that the point is to create something so valuable that people would walk through the snow to get to it - not to trick them into landing on your website with a different button color.

We're often asked how we're different. I don't know how to answer this sometimes, but I suppose one way is to talk about the things that inspire us.

And I find no inspiration in measuring clicks.

Footsteps on the other hand, those are inspiring.