Improved Special Events and Event Series

We're super happy to announce today a big improvement to our special events feature, the way in which the special events are created, how multiple events are tied together and the way in which you go about tying passes to events.

Previously the feature was super powerful, but we felt the experience of create the events and tying passes to them could be optimized to be a lot better. We wanted people to be able to very easily tie together both multiple events to a single series, as well as tie multiple passes to each of the events in the series.

For example: A beginners workshop that happens on Monday nights and Saturday afternoons, or a retreat that has 15 classes inside of it, or a guest instructor teaching 5 workshops over a weekend, all of which are part of a specific series.

Below are a few screenshots highlighting the new and improved feature:

Associate Repeating Events or Random Events to a single series
Now you have the option of not just adding repeating events, but also random events, to a single series.

New Event Series Page: Easily add and remove events to/from an existing series
On the event series page, you can now view all events in that series, detach events from the series (or delete them entirely) and add new events to the series. Added bonus: When you add a new event to the series, it automatically gets all the valid passes for that series attached to it.

Add new passes for a special event, while creating the special event
Previously it was a little bit clunky to add new passes and new special events. Now it's all part of the same workflow.

We're thrilled with how this enhancement turned out, and hope you find it a lot easier and pleasant to make your special events!