A filter on every frame

I somewhat regularly go through the #yoga hashtag and others similar ones like it on Instagram. Lately though, I just can't get this thought out of my head: A filter on every frame.

The pictures are beautiful, and let's face it, sometimes the bodies too. Men and women alike.

But everything looks so fake.

Remember when technology was trying to get good enough to represent the real thing? Now our technology is so good that reality just isn't good enough, so we spend time where everything has to be even better than reality.

And then we put a filter on every frame.

Why I think this is interesting though is because for all of this 'stuff' there is it's opposite, and what I love about the irony of the yoga hashtag, is that it's anecdote is the yoga studio.

We can put filters on our frames, but we can't lie to ourselves.

I can only speak for myself, but I think I need to spend a little more time putting my body on a yoga mat, and a little less time putting filters on my frames.