Owning a Yoga Studio 101: Engaging Events

With more than 20.4 million people who practice yoga in the United States, there are plenty of studios to accommodate. In 2013, it seems like a yoga studio can be found on every other block. And running a business is hard enough, but running a business in a competitive industry is even harder.

Staying competitive in the yoga studio industry requires a multitude of factors, including: location of studio, competitive pricing, quality of classes and teachers, a clean studio etc. Many studios meet these standards, but can still sometimes struggle to be noticed among the sea of studios in its town.  A solution? Engaging events.

Set yourself apart from other studios. Design fun and interactive yoga classes that are unique to your studio and create a brand for yourself.

Some easy steps to get you started:

Brainstorm!: The yoga community is inclusive, welcoming and sharing. Get together with your staff, talk to your students after class and ask what classes they would like to see from your studio. Get creative and flex your brain muscles.

Research: Check out what the other studios in your area doing. You might have a great idea, but if a studio nearby is already doing it, it most likely won’t take off as well as you had hoped.

Think outside the studio: A lot of towns have a “yoga in the park” program put on by a local studio. If your town doesn’t, implementing a program is a great way to become a leader in your yoga community. If so, look to other areas in your town that have yoga potential (see Red Rocks example below).

To get the ideas flowing, here are some awesome examples of engaging events:

At Tula Yoga Studio in Logan Square, Chicago (our founder’s wife’s studio, shameless plug) you can rave-on on certain Friday nights by taking a GLOWGA class. Students practice under the glow of black lights while listening to trance music and are encouraged to wear white or neon clothing to help them radiate. The studio also provides black light body paint and bracelets for added fun.

At the Your Body Center in Houston, take a Hot Vibes class that brings Happy Hour into the studio. The class is set to high-energy dance music and provides Jell-O shots, fresh fruit and Vitamin Water at the end.

Put on by CorePower Yoga, Yoga on the Rocks takes place a few Saturday mornings throughout the summer at Colorado’s natural amphitheater, Red Rocks. Students pick their favorite spot in the venue and downward dog among some of the most beautiful scenery in the country. The class is a $10 drop-in and $1 from every student goes to the Whole Planet Foundation.

Feeling inspired yet? Get out there, make your own event and be seen.