Yoga Roundup Take Twelve: Dec. 22 – Dec. 28, 2013

The Week’s Top Yoga News, According to the People at Tula Software

Girl Power

To help combat the hardships of growing up, Michigan yoga instructor/mom Kristy St. John will be holding a 6-week workshop on yoga and meditation for girls. “Girls on the Mat” will be for girls aged 9-13 and came to fruition after St. John held a workshop for Girls Scouts. “The course will include meditation basics, the practice of traditional yoga, and self-awareness for growing girls. It also encourages the girls to share and give voice to their needs and concerns.”  

Yoga for the Touchdown

Green Bay Packers cornerback Tramon Williams has no plans to stop playing in the NFL anytime soon. Already a 7-year league veteran, Williams has been practicing yoga for years during the offseason, but recently stepped up his yoga game during the season to help him stay in better shape. He’s convinced quite a few of his teammates to participate too. We love that more and more athletes are using yoga to help them strengthen themselves in their respective sports and expect to see this trend even more in 2014.

Challenge Accepted

Even for the experienced exerciser, yoga can be intimidating. A silent, often crowded, room full of people who can touch their toes and then some is serious business. If you’re ready to take the yoga leap but want to see what you’re getting into, check out Philly blogger Emily Leaman’s post on trying yoga for 30 days in a row. A newbie to yoga, she blogs about each day of yoga and what each class was like. Now that you’ve got some more knowledge about yoga, commit to yourself and sign up for a class!