Yoga Roundup Take Eleven: Dec. 15 – Dec. 21 2013

The Week’s Top Yoga News, According to the People at Tula Software

Be a Yoga Bunny in Banff
Yoga is a great way to get you prepped for the slopes. But if want to bring your practice with you this vacation, head to Canada’s Sunshine Village Resort. This spring, they’ll be launching a new Yoga and Ski Package, complete with healthy organic meals from one of the resort’s top chefs. Looking at their pictures, yoga in ski boots and barefoot yoga in the Canadian winter cold look really nice compared to what it’s probably like.

More Money More Problems?
Yoga’s come a long way since the 70’s, when it made its American debut. But is it going in the right direction? Depends on whom you ask. It is undeniable though, that the way yoga looks now, is nowhere near how it looked when it began. Says teacher and author Philip Goldberg, “Yoga’s very popularity creates the possibility of corruption and distortion, and lowest common denominator teachings.” 

20 Minutes a Day Keeps the Brain Fog Away
Want to boost your brain? Do yoga! Researchers at the University of Illinois Urbana – Champaign recently conducted a study where 30 female students were given tests on their focus, as well as their ability to retain information after yoga and meditation and after aerobic exercises as well. The results showed a significant improvement after the yoga and meditation session compared to the aerobic session. The article includes the yoga poses the students did, so maybe when the 3 o’clock in the afternoon sleepies roll around, you can roll out your mat and stay sharp instead!

Queue the Downward Dog Puns…
*This story was from last week, but still, it's great.

Want to take your dog to yoga? Of course you do! And doga is here to help. A studio in Philadelphia is allowing their students to bring their dogs into the studio for to practice alongside them. The dogs can either participate or be used as a weight for their owner, and the calming benefits of yoga for the owner are said to be felt by the canines as well. As one of the reporters said, “Whatever floats your boat.”

Stretch into the New Year
Thinking of getting more serious about your yoga practice in the New Year? Start making a game plan now! Here are some helpful tips and answers to common beginner's questions to give you a push.