Yoga Roundup Take One

The Week’s Best Yoga News, according to the people at Tula Software.

Mental Health

In Mexico City’s prison system, yoga is being offered to young offenders to help them change their ways and cope with their current situation as well as what they will face when they leave.  In a country struggling with a seemingly never-ending drug war, yoga is one of the ways Prisoner Director Cynthia Rosas Rodriguez is hoping to put them on a better path.

Yoga = Sleep

New research shows that participating in yoga can help menopausal women alleviate their troubles with insomnia. In the study, women were asked to complete a 12-week series of attending a 90-minute yoga session once a week and practice at home daily. This isn’t the first time yoga has been associated with helping you get a better night’s sleep, and it won’t be the last.

Social Media Companies Give their People What they Want, Yoga!

The trend of creating a trendy working environment is here to stay. From catered lunches, to swimming pools and now yoga studios, big businesses that employ younger crowds are building office spaces that make their companies sought after by the working force.

Hootsuite CEO Ryan Holmes, who became a daily yogi after discovering he had herniated discs, had a yoga studio put in the company’s Vancouver office, along with daily fresh pressed juices, standing desks and a nap room.

As part of the housing community Facebook announced it will build in Menlo Park, CA today, a yoga studio along with a spa, training facility, pool, bicycle repair shop and more will be included as amenities. Not too shabby.

Celebrities and their Love of Yoga

Did you ever think you would see Jack Donaghy help a pregnant woman create a yoga DVD for expectant mothers? Neither did we, but it happened.

Scholarly Yogis

Want to get a Master’s in yoga? Now you can!

Loyola Marymount University has created a two-year academic program in yoga studies. The program will not follow traditional Master’s degrees, but will focus on the origin, creation and development of the practice. The second year of study will include a trip to India so students can immerse themselves in yoga’s birthland.  

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