Yoga Roundup Take Two

The Week’s Best Yoga News, According to the People at Tula Software

When Groupon Wins, Yogis Typically Lose

Groupon has been known to offer a service at “as little as 10 percent of its market value,” and with the local deals company taking half the value of whatever is being sold, small business owners are struggling to keep their numbers in the green. It’s no secret that Groupon has been an issue for small business owners, particularly in the restaurant industry, but with more stories coming out on yoga studios, it’s best to be aware of what you’re getting into before signing Groupon’s dotted line.

Yoga for Africa

This story may be a few weeks old, but it still should garner our attention. Yoga is spreading across Kenya, thanks to the Africa Yoga Project “And it's not only about the practice -- here, yoga is transforming lives, contributing positively to communities and creating jobs.”

Africa Yoga Project’s founder, Paige Elenson said her inspiration for the foundation came after she joined some children doing headstands while on vacation in Kenya in 2006. The non-profit was started the next year.

The Project boasts more than 71 teachers who now are able to earn a living wage through yoga instruction.

Yoga is Bliss

In a story we posted on our Facebook page earlier this week, a recent study at the University of Illinois showed that women who did 20 minutes of yoga performed cognitive functions better than when they completed 20 minutes of aerobic exercise.

Have a brain freeze? Roll out that mat and do some sun salutations to get the brain juices flowing again.  

Yoga for Athletes. Really Tall, Strong, Athletes.

Just like American footballers, Rugby players in the UK are practicing yoga as part of their cross-training too! The players cite the mental aspect of fitness as a key reason for doing yoga and also that it’s a nice complement after their “anaerobic” sessions.

Disclaimer: Not all Americans will understand what is being said in the video.

Not Your Average Guest Speaker

What happens when a Yogi gets to talk to middle schoolers about life lessons and the things yoga have taught her? Students get a ton of new, invaluable information, that’s what! Rebecca Butler blogged over on Mind Body Green about change, encouragement, fear and most of all JOY.  So many of the tools yoga gives us about coping with life, to get through life, should be instilled in our CHILDREN. Not on our 20, 30, 40 something’s. Think of all the time we could have saved knowing about being present, oneness and kindness rather than stressing about the little things. Thanks Rebecca, you gave those kids the best pep talk possible!