The Weekly Yoga Roundup: Oct. 20-26, 2013

The Week’s Best Yoga News, According to the People at Tula Software

Under the Seavasana

Looking for a change of scenery to practice yoga? Try the yoga classes at the Sea Life Sydney Aquarium's Great Barrier Reef Oceanarium. Yoga instructors suit up and head down into a tank where they guide the movements while an instructor outside the tank guides students as well. Sign us up!  

The Gender Gap

“Of the 20.4 million people who practice yoga in the United States, only 18 percent of them are men.” While yoga has made its mark as a permanent practice in the United States, the movement to get males on board is still going slowly. With all the benefits one can reap from yoga, it’s surprising the percentage is still so low. Maybe a few benefits will motivate them.

Trick or Tadasana

Taking the little ones around the neighborhood for Halloween? Teach them some yoga moves and practice with them before you head out to stay in top candy grabbing shape.

Add Two More to the List

If people still need reasons to practice yoga, we’ll keep telling you about it!

Yoga has been found to be a helpful, natural aide in relieving bloating, acid reflux and other stomach pains. Health magazine shares with us the top moves to put us back on the right path after eating one too many jalapeno poppers this football season.

And as the weather turns chilly, some of you might already be starting to get sick and in turn, congested. FitSugar breaks it down, yoga style, on how to relieve cold and congestion symptoms.

Born a Travelin’ Yogi

Maine Yoga teacher Bernie McDonald is taking his teacher training a little bit further by walking from his home state to California and is teaching yoga classes along the way. All proceeds from his classes will go to nonprofits and he hopes to complete his trek around June of next year. Good luck Bernie!

Celebrity Corner

We all know by now a slew of celebrities practice yoga for a variety of reasons. Whether it’s physical health, mental health or clarity, or even recovery from an injury, yoga is not merely a fad among the famous. Check out a list of celebs and their motives for practicing yoga here.