Yoga Roundup XVIII: Feb. 23 – Mar. 1, 2014

The Week’s Top Yoga News, According to the People at Tula Software

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If Yoga, Paint by Numbers and Twister Had a Baby…

You would get Yoga by Numbers, a new yoga mat created by Elizabeth Morrow that helps take the “guesswork” out of where to put your hands and feet during a pose.

In 2012 after suffering from blood clots that caused a partial lung collapse, she was put on blood thinners, which limited her physical capabilities. So, she created the Yoga by Numbers mat with Jade Yoga and put out online tutorials that guide your poses by telling you what numbers to place your feet and hands on. The videos have found success with people who have disabilities, are far away from a yoga studio or just need very thorough direction. Morrow hopes to have a DVD out in the near future.

The Yogi is in
Thanks to countless studies (you may have seen them on this blog before) on the health benefits of yoga, courses on the practice and how to integrate them into patients’ health routines have become an approved way for doctors to gain needed credits to retain their licenses. NPR writes about Economist Rajan Narayanan one of the founders of the nonprofit Life in Yoga, which has helped train more than 145 doctors and nurses to learn yoga and pass its benefits on to their patients. 

Video: The Yogis of Wall Street
Bloomberg TV anchors and New York’s Ashtanga Yoga founder Eddie Stern discuss the “influence of yoga” on predominant businessmen, bankers and the like and how yoga helps bring out their best qualities and why such powerful figures are turning to the practice. They also discuss how to keep the practice a part of your daily life.  

‘A Model Guru’
Looking to improve your practice? (There’s only one answer here). Self interviewed Yogi and celebrity trainer Yogi Cameron this week to get answers on how to grow your practice and keep it strong. His advice is sound, and he wrote the magazine his answers on the morning of his wedding from a forest in India. Too legit to quit.

What’s in Your Yoga Mat?
After Subway’s fiasco a couple weeks back (see here) a lot of you are probably wondering what the heck your mat is made of. Website Now Toronto breaks down the most popular kinds of yoga mats and grades them. See how your mat chalks up.