Marni Sclaroff at The 2019 Tula Software Minneapolis Yoga Conference

This post is a part of a series introducing the presenters of our 2019 yoga conference, (March 22-24, 2019) sharing more about them, our own perspective and intentions for their involvement, and how their unique offerings contribute to the larger conference experience.


Professional Bio

Marni Sclaroff is a yoga and meditation teacher, spirit guide, and wellness mentor, with over twenty years of experience in the healing arts. She leads workshops, retreats, online courses, mentoring programs, and teacher trainings throughout the US and abroad. Her yoga classes are a unique blend of soulful inspiration woven into functional body mechanics, with a side of light-hearted playfulness, and earth based spirituality.

I recently bought a book for Maile titled “On Writing: A Memoire of the Craft” written by Stephen King, where in the brief description on the back of the book it ends with the sentence “Life isn’t a support-system for Art. It’s the other way around.”

This sentence makes me think of Marni’s teaching style. To me, her teachings seem to come from someone viewing yoga as a support system for life, but not the reason for life.

I have come to have a great appreciation for teachers who genuinely strive to meet students where they are in their practice, while also carrying with them a very real depth of knowledge.

At the conference this year Marni worked to create a special collaboration with Mindy Bez that I’m really thrilled about. One of the greatest joys of the conference is that it’s a place where people meet with and reunite with their friends. Last year Marni and Mindy struck up a friendship and this year will be teaching an intensive on Friday titled “Soul Family-The Power of Yoga Friendships”. They begin describing their offering with the following:

In the Buddhist Tradition, Sangha, or spiritual community, is one of the central pillars of support for the practice. Our friends become our mirrors, our support, and they become our teachers.. In our spiritual friendships, we learn how to hold a space for each other to be vulnerable, to trust, and to wake up. In this workshop, we will explore the beauty of relationships that are dedicated to supporting your highest self. 

There are many customers of the conference who shared stories with us of how the conference has for them become a place to nurture their friendships. This intensive was made with you in mind!

You can learn even more about the workshop Marni will be teaching at the 2019 Tula Software Minneapolis Yoga Conference, along with dozens of other presenters bringing hundreds of workshop hours, at Join us at The Most Comprehensive Yoga Conference in the Nation, March 22-24, 2019.