Virtual Audio Attendances moving from Alpha to Beta

Last month we announced our newest feature, Virtual Audio Attendances. The reaction from our customers, and students at Maile’s studio, has been phenomenal. I’m excited to tell you today that we’ve formally moved Virtual Audio Attendances out of Alpha and into Beta and it’ll be available to everyone by default in mid-January.

What this means is that we’ve seen a number of studios using the feature in production, things are working as expected, and we’re ready to roll this out to our entire customer base. Hooray!

Quick Reminder: When we released this feature in November, we hadn’t yet tied everything to the credits system. Now we have, and you can now have us lock down the ability to listen to the audio files to only your students with unlimited credits, if you’d like. When we release this new feature to everyone, you’ll have the ability to control this on your Studio Settings page but as of now the audio files are still open to everyone.

If you’d like to make your audio files available to only your students with unlimited credits, shoot us a quick email, and we’ll update things for you. And if you’re a current customer of Tula Software and you want to check out this feature but you haven’t yet had us turn it on for you, please get in touch with support as well and we’ll turn things on for you!

Thanks to all our customers who helped us test out the first version of Virtual Audio Attendances. We’re excited about the future of this feature, and the way in which it empowers our customers to compete with some of the more recent marketplace platforms that have popped up recently.

As we like to say, there are a lot of software companies out there trying to take your students away from you. At Tula Software, we’re working hard every day to make sure your software is serving you, not the other way around.