2017 Pricing Updates: Lower Processing fees, more Retention Center emails!

To kick off 2017 the right way we're excited to announce two small changes to our pricing to help our customers:

  1. Lower Credit Card Processing Rates
  2. More emails with the Retention Center

Lower credit card processing rates

We've reached yet another volume milestone and I'm pleased to announce that our credit card processing rates are now 2.2% +$0.30/transaction. If you've been following Tula for a while you know they started at 2.9%, dropped to 2.5%, then to 2.3%, and now they're at 2.2%. 

So on a $140 ten pack, with us you pay a credit card processing fee of $3.38, whereas with mindbody you'd be paying $3.85. Over the course of a few months this quickly adds up to hundreds of dollars in savings. And of course with mindbody you have all the hidden fees such as PCI compliance fees, hidden monthly fees, etc. 

More emails with Retention Center

The other change we're making is that the Mala plan now comes with 25,000 retention center emails instead of 5,000. Our retention center is a very powerful tool that allows you to precisely target your students and communicate in a way that's most relevant to them. We want our customers to use the Retention Center to it's fullest potential as the new year starts off, and we're happy to make this change to empower you even further.

2016 was a fantastic year for Tula as a product, and for us as a company, thanks to the public support and kind words of our customers. We appreciate that you've been willing to share the kind of company we are with others in the yoga community, and we're grateful beyond words for your support.

We hope you have a wonderful 2017, and a very happy start to the new year!