Late Summer Updates

We've had a busy summer making a lot of updates to Tula and it's time for another update!

Coming on the heels of our early summer updates and the release of our variable class cost update we wanted to share some more of the latest updates we made - many of them around passes and the management of them.

Transfer Passes between students: One of our most common support requests was when a customer wanted to move a pass from one student to another. We've now given you the power to transfer passes between students. Simply click on the new pass menu icon, and choose to transfer the pass to another student. We do all the hard work on the back end to un-pay for any attendances that the removed pass might have paid for. 

Better Return and Refund Options: It used to be that you could remove a pass, which would also issue a refund, or you could simply issue a refund from the payments tab. We've cleaned things up a bit here to give you the option to Remove and Refund a pass, or simply issue a refund and keep the pass, right from this new menu. It's a much better process that it was before.

More information on Passes: Along with the updates above, we also added more information regarding the classes that a particular pass paid for. Now when you view a pass, along with seeing the number of credits that pass came with, you'll see how many credits have been used, which classes it paid for, and what the cost of each class was.


Removing ClassPass Integration: For a while now we've had a simple integration with ClassPass where our customers could forward classpass registrations into Tula. ClassPass has changed their emails a bunch of times however, and so the integration was less stable than we like. We've decided that until we can guarantee the reliability our customers are accustomed to we're removing the classpass integration. If you're a Tula customer that uses Classpass and you want a tighter integration, get in touch with them and let them know you'd love to see their API opened up.

More to come!

We're always working hard to make updates to Tula and we hope you like our latest set of improvements. As usual we'll have some more updates to share in the next month or so!