Early Summer Updates!

For our customers that have been with us a while, you know we're constantly updating things with Tula and always working to make the product better. Coming off the release of the retention center, we've spent a bunch of time the first part of the summer working on a slew of little improvements all around the system. In no particular order, here are a bunch of updates we've recently pushed out:

Browser Updates

  • Loads of performance improvements on Retention Center and Student Filtering. Filtering your students and sending off emails should be faster than ever.
  • When credits are on reserve for classes that require payment, view which classes are reserving credits from the student profile page.
  • Fixed a date issue on the people by passes report
  • We now periodically update campaign stats to prevent customers from having to refresh the page
  • Numerous inbound email enhancements so reply's from campaigns are handled more effectively
  • Give customers the ability to manually unsubscribe people from receiving emails. Just click on the menu in their profile.
  • Bring in the ability for customers to view open, click and unsubscribe information on campaigns once sent
  • Give customers the ability to view open and click information on individual profiles for the email's they've been sent.

iOS Updates

In addition to the updates above, we've also submitted a number of enhancements to the iOS apps. These updates are still pending review by apple but should be available shortly:

  • We've now enabled multi-tasking on the iPad app. Super helpful if you use multiple apps at once.
  • email is now optional when adding new students, just like it is in the browser.
  • When people have a check-in flag on their accounts, we'll now show the check in flag in the iOS apps.
  • If people have negative credits we'll highlight the row in red to call it out more loudly - just like we do with special events if a student doesn't have a pass to that event.
  • When preventing people from de-registering from an event that requires payment, we'll now pop a friendly message explaining why they can't deregister.

We'll be announcing all sorts of updates all summer long, and have a lot of great things in store for the months ahead. We hope you like some of these updates and we'll have more announcements soon!