Mindbody's Vice President of Marketing is Hawking Free Workouts on Twitter

You can tell a lot from a tweet.

For example, in this tweet below, we see Amanda Patterson, the Vice President of Marketing for Mindbody, (yes, the Vice President of Marketing) retweeting San Fransisco Magazine.

But what she's retweeting, this Vice President of Marketing, is clearly something sponsored. Something that a company paid them to say. And what exactly is it that they were paid to promote? 

How consumers can work out nearly every day for free because "Mindbody online makes it happen." 

So while the CEO is hitting their customer forums telling their customers how the new mindbody connect app is going to supposedly be good for their businesses, the Vice President of Marketing is out there buying up ads to promote how your students can work out for free. In January. Your busiest month of the year.

Because somehow more people working out for free is going to be awesome for your business, just like Groupon was.

On a personal note I want to acknowledge we've spent a good amount of time talking about mindbody this past week. We don't love talking about them, but we feel what they're doing is both wrong, and also a big opportunity for Tula to show how we're different. We won't be too obsessive about this for much longer. In the meantime, did you see how in between all this we lowered our credit card processing rates to 2.3% + $.30/transaction