The Studio Owner's Manifesto

I've often gone back to Seth Godin's wonderful Bootstrapper's Bible for inspiration. In that same spirit I put together this little manifesto for studio owners you might find useful, based on a slew of my observations over the years. 

I am an Independent Studio Owner. 

What I have built is important and unique and valuable. 

I work for my customers and students. I open the studio doors every day to provide them with a valuable offering. I am important to my customers and I have gratitude that they include my business in their lives. Knowing I cannot please everyone, I always do what is best for the community at large.

I am an independent studio owner. I am not afraid of technology. 

I use modern technology to be the lever I wish it to be, so that I may pursue my intention with my business. I understand the power and influence of technology, and I keep a watchful eye to determine who is working to benefit me and my business as opposed to who is working to benefit themselves by exploiting my creation.

I am an independent studio owner. I am wide eyed aware that billion dollar companies are being built off the collective value of what my peers and I offer society. I am constantly told by discount sites and deals marketplaces that I need them, when we both know the truth is it is they who needs me. 

I am an independent studio owner. I understand the value of partnerships and of those who introduce my business to new customers. I am aware of the impact these relationships have on my business. I measure their impact with data and I compensate these companies appropriately. I do not work with people or companies that devalue me or my offering. 

I am an independent studio owner. I understand the value of quality Instructors and know they are a vital part of the community. I treat my people well and I pay them fairly. 

I am an independent studio owner. I am aware this studio would not exist in it's present form were it not for the vision on which I executed, and the risks that I took to make it happen.  In addition to valuing partners, customers, students and instructors, I also value myself. I pay myself fairly and in a way that recognizes the contributions I have made as the owner and creator of the business. 

I am an independent studio owner. I see clearly our society is embracing health, wellness and mindfulness in a way that it hasn’t before and I am excited to be a part of this movement. 

I am an independent studio owner.