Introducing Apple Watch Registrations

There are a couple big promises we've made to our customers. Namely that we would always strive to put them and their needs ahead of ours, and that as technology advanced we would keep up in a way that benefited them.

Exactly a year ago today we announced custom iPhone applications for our customers. We wanted studios to have an option to have their own app in the App Store, so their students could have a direct connection to them. We believe today, like we believed then, that companies like mindbody who are working hard to become marketplaces, are working to turn your beautiful studio into a commodity.

We want to give our customers, and their students, something different.

When you consider what happens from the time you think about going to a yoga class, to the time you go to class, there are still actually a number of steps. You check your availability, look up the studio schedule, and possibly register. This is of course easily done with our iPhone apps, but how could it be easier?

How could we make something that might result in people doing more yoga?  How might people get the idea to go to yoga more often, and commit to going, more quickly? And not yoga just anywhere, but specifically at your studio.

After wearing the Apple Watch, I immediately felt it's screen was the most valuable screen-real-estate of any device I owned. One of the reasons we made the white-label app is we wanted to make something so good and so useful, that people would feel compelled to put it on their home screens.

What could we make such that people would want to put it on their watches?

The answer was clear almost immediately. The very first thing I wanted to be able to see on the Apple Watch, that I could not, was the ability to view the schedule at Tula Yoga Studio. How great I thought, if I could always see the next class time. What if every time I glanced at my watch, I was also gently reminded of the next class at the studio I go to? 

As time based events, a yoga class is the perfect information to display on a watch face. 

I am beyond thrilled to announce today that all of our customers with a custom iPhone app, will all be receiving an Apple Watch app as well. Moving forward, the Mudra plan will come with not just a custom iPhone app for your students, but also a custom watch app. 

This app allows your students to not only view your schedule, but also register for class with a tap of the screen. It's beautifully frictionless for your students, and it is our finest interpretation of how software should empower your studio and put you and your brand front and center.

We're still making a few small design updates and getting a few final things ready for the rollout, but we knew now was the time to share this with you. We hope you love it as much as we do.

There is no additional cost, and submissions will begin rolling out over the next two weeks. Check out the video below to see it in action.

Your own icon on the watch! Check out the Tula Swirls!

Your own icon on the watch! Check out the Tula Swirls!