Yoga Studio Websites We Love

We write a lot about the various features we offer, how they're designed to help you with your business, and in particular the web and mobile experience you can create. And when I talk with our customers and potential customers, one of the things we most often discuss is the layout and structure of their websites. So I was thinking it would be nice to show some examples of websites we love.

3Tree Yoga

3Tree is one of my favorite sites, because the site is both visually pleasing to look at, but also because they've really leveraged a lot of our power features. They've built a custom experience, that's also super fast and easy for their students to interact with. By leveraging multiple payment forms, they've taken full control of how they route students around their site, and when they offer specific passes. Hosted on Squarespace, the site looks awesome on desktop and mobile devices alike.

JaiRhythm Yoga

I've never meet the people over at JaiRhythm, but I already feel like I know them through their website. They have awesome HD surf videos highlighting their Soul Surfer class, loads of pictures of their students and their community, and clear pricing accompanied by good copy describing the classes. 

Tiger Lily Yoga

This site is intentionally simple, and I love the personal and authentic feel of it. When you visit this site, it feels like you stepped right into their studio and you already have a sense of what the vibe is. With super clear navigation taking students to separate calendar, pricing and account management pages, their site really demonstrates the value of clarity.

Sky Ting Yoga

There may not be another site on the internet that makes me more disappointed they're not a customer of ours than this one. I had to share it though because I love how it's elegant and casual and playful all at the same time. The photos of the studio and the instructors are great, and the animated gifs on the individual instructor pages are so fun. The experience of registering or buying something through mindbody is why we exist though. It kills me how much it degrades the experience on this beautiful site. 


It's possible that part of the reason I love this site is because I love the concept behind this business - which is that the studio is a mobile "Pop-up" Stand up Paddle-board studio in Seattle. They have the calendar in a few places and made subtle customizations to the link colors that look great, and you can tell from the site alone that the experience is fun and unique.

If you're looking for ideas and inspiration, check out the sites above. And if you know of any others that you love share them in the comments!