A random assortment of tools to help you with your yoga business

I like to occasionally share information about Tools that we find useful and helpful. Of course, we think Tula is great for your yoga studio, but there are a slew of other tools out there that can help studios, instructors and others as they work towards building their businesses. In no particular order, here are some tools we love.

Canva.com - By far the easiest to use design tool I've ever had the pleasure to come across. If you need to make images, banners and other things, you need to check out Canva.

Tend.io - Beautifully easy way to see how people are finding your website.

LessAccouting.comEvery business needs to keep their books in order. Less Accounting makes is easy and simple. 

TicketLeap.comIf you're hosting a one-off event with ticket sales such as a yoga conference, they seem like a great option.

Regonline.com - Same as above. I love their public facing widgets, but their sign up flow leaves a lot do be desired in my opinion.

Square.comEver since they started handling appointments I'm unclear if they'll become a competitor at some point. But they still make it super easy for anyone to take credit cards. You should have a square account. 

Paypal.me - New service from paypal that makes it pretty easy to get paid by anyone.

Stripe.comGet a stripe account and you'll be able to connect it to all sorts of web services that make it easy to take payments. 

Hover.com -  Register a domain name without giving your money to GoDaddy.

Squarespace.comEasy and simple way to make a beautiful website.

Wix.com - Another easy way to make a beautiful website.

CampaignMonitor.comEasy way to send beautiful marketing emails.

Simplecast.fm - Ever wanted to start a podcast? Simplecast makes it easy.

Formstack.com - Super easy online form builder

I'm sure I'm forgetting a few things, but hopefully you find this of products useful; we use many of these ourselves every day. See something missing? Let us know in the comments!