Introducing the Tula iPad app and Electronic Waivers

I'm super excited to make another series of announcements today about Tula and a host of new features. 

First, we now have native iPad application! Version 1.0 comes with most of the features of the iPhone app, plus it also includes a new feature - the new ability to have your students sign waivers electronically! And with this, the iPhone now also has electronic waivers as well.

Download the iPad app here!

The waivers functionality will ultimately be available as a part of the $99/month plan, but we're making it available to everyone for a couple weeks so you can play around with it and see how it works.

Like everything we build in Tula, we spent a lot of time thinking about all the different people that would be interacting with this new feature, and we worked hard to create a nice, easy and fast experience for everyone.

The way we approached building this feature though, is understanding that an electronic waiver is really just one part of the overall workflow of adding a new person, and so we optimized this entire process.

Now, using either the iPhone app or the iPad app, you can have a student add themselves to your studio, review and sign your studio waiver, and optionally put a credit card on file once they've completed the waiver. For existing students that are alread in the system, but for whom you don't have a signed waiver, you can simply search for their name, and then get taken through the exact same waiver process.

How it works

Adding your waiver

The first thing you'll do is add your electronic waiver using the browser by going to "studio settings" -> "waiver settings". From there simply type in or copy/paste your existing waiver.

Press 'Create Waiver' and you'll be all set!

Getting Student Signatures

The first thing a student will do is complete the small form to be added to your studio.

Once they add themselves, they can review your contract, and sign on the iPad or iPhone.

Once they're finished signing, they'll be emailed a copy of the signed contract.

And lastly, we'll ask them if they'd like to put a credit card on file at your studio, so that they can make rapid purchases moving forward.

Once the waiver is signed, we'll store a copy of it on their profile page, and you can easily access it whenever you like.

We're thrilled to now support our customers with our new iPad app, and our new electronic waivers feature - enjoy!