Updates to pass management and website widget builders

We're always pushing out updates to Tula and today we have a bunch of improvements that will give you more power than ever before. We've added another state to passes (trashed) so you can keep them better organized, we've completely re-organized our website widgets section to make building custom payment forms and calendars easier than ever before and we've brought in additional filter options so you can create even better calendars and payment forms.

Trash your passes

You've always been able to mark a pass as active, or archived but after some time things could get a little unwieldy with passes from older events. Now you have the option of trashing your passes so you can not only remove them from sale, but they'll also stop showing up as options in your reports. For the relevant reports such as the payroll report you'll have the option of including or excluding your trashed passes as a group. So the various states will now look like this:

  • Active Passes are available for sale and can be targeted individually for reporting purposes.
  • Archived Passes are NOT available for sale, but CAN be targeted individually for reporting purposes.
  • Trashed Passes are NOT available for sale, and can NOT be targeted individually for reporting purposes. 

Website Widget Reorganization

We've made our website widgets easier to use and more powerful than ever before.

Basic Setup

Now when you choose the basic setup, you'll have an individual tab for each of the Calendar, Payment Form, and Student Access widgets that will contain both the embed code that you put in your website, and a preview of that that widget will look like in your site. (Note, you're logged in as yourself, so you'll see your name whereas your students will of course see their name when they are logged in.)

Custom Setup

When you choose the custom setup option, you'll now see the color selection options at the top of the page, along with the Live Preview. Below this you'll see tabs where you can preview your color selections right inside the app. 

More filters means power

Along with the reorganization of the widgets page, we've also added some new filters to make our calendars and payment forms more power than ever before.

Custom Calendars

With the custom calendar section now you can create separate calendars for your regular classes and special events, and continue to create specific calendars for an individual event series or a group of event series'. Combined with the ability to allow your students to register for an entire series/group of events all at once, this new set of functionality gives you more power than ever before when it comes to managing your calendars, events and registrations.

Custom Payment Forms

As is the case with the calendars, you can also create as many custom payment forms as you like. Now in addition to creating individual custom payment forms, you can also choose to use the default settings from your online payment form settings.

More power than ever before

This group of updates gives our customers more power than ever before to create the perfect experience for students who visit their website. Whether you have multiple special events, have a business that focuses on courses/series, or whether you simply want to display individual instructor calendars on their own pages, Tula gives you more power than ever before to create the custom experience you and your students deserve.

We hope you like these updates as much as we do!