Tula Software to Sponsor the Transformation Yoga Project in 2016

I'm happy to announce today that Tula Software will be sponsoring the Transformation Yoga Project throughout 2016. The Transformation Yoga Project is a non-profit organization that seeks to "heal people through empowerment" and provides yoga for people recovering from addiction, yoga for veterans and yoga for prisoners.

Our sponsorship will focus on teacher support at two locations: The Delaware County Youth Detention Center (Lima Juvenile Detention Facility) in Lima, Pennsylvania and Coatesville Veteran's Affairs Medical Center outside of Philadelphia. 

I met this group through the wonderful NamasDay festival (A superb festival that happens twice each year). We started talking about how Tula might be able to support them, and supporting the teachers that went into the various locations to teach the classes seemed like the natural thing to do.

In addition to helping them sending in teachers though, we wanted to also do something that helped these stories of transformation get out. So along with our sponsorship the Transformation Yoga Project has agreed to have a post on their blog each month by a teacher about how yoga is working to serve the needs of the students they teach, and information from the students about how yoga has affected them.

I strongly believe there's a lot that can be done to help spread the word about the power of yoga, and I'm grateful for the opportunity to help this great organization make an impact and tell their story. You can learn more about the Transformation Yoga Project at www.transformationyogaproject.org.