Strengthen Episode 4: Sharing Presence

I had the good pleasure of talking with NYC based yoga instructor Leo Rising on Thursday morning about the business of yoga from the teacher's perspective. We talk about a wide variety of topics ranging from building community at a studio, base rates for group classes, the importance of privates and a host of other things. I had a great time talking with Leo and am grateful for the opportunity to talk about a lot of the industry challenges in a mutually respectful way.

On a housekeeping note, I'm also making some changes to the format of the show. First, it's being renamed from 'Strengthen your Studio' to simply 'Strengthen'. This will better reflect the fact that we're talking about the entire industry of yoga. 

Also, I'm now recording these interviews via Google Hangouts on Air. This will allow people who are interested in watching the interviews live to do so and I'll start tweeting out when the live episodes will be recorded. I'll then use the audio from that to post the podcast episode. 

Check out our discussion below by subscribing to the show in iTunes, or listening to the audio or watching the video embedded below.