Introducing Series Registration

We're really excited to announce another update to our registrations system today - the ability for students to register for an entire series of events.

Prior to today people could either register for an individual event via the calendar, or they could make a purchase via our payment forms, and then register for the classes that pass is good for. Registering for a group of events however - such as a course like a beginners series - was sub-optimal for students and occasionally confusing for studio owners.

Now every event series you create, whether it's a regular class or a special event, will come with a dedicated series registration widget and link. Just like with individual classes you determine whether payment is required or not, and we handle the purchase options accordingly.

How it works

To begin using this new feature, you simply create a series of events as usual. Now however you'll see a new link when viewing the Event Series page that says "Series Registration". Clicking that link will expose a registration widget and link just like we provide for custom payment forms and calendars. In other words, using the same pattern you're already familiar with.

Copy/paste the link for quick access, or embed the widget into your website for a custom feel.

Guest access and logged in access

Of course, this wouldn't be a feature built by Tula if we didn't go to great lengths to ensure that both returning students with accounts, and new students without accounts, could both interact seamlessly with everything. Whether payment is required or optional, and whether your student is logged in or not, they can quickly and easily sign up and make a payment without ever leaving your website.

We're thrilled to be able to provide this new powerful feature for those of you that have been asking for it, and check out the short video below to see the full feature in action.