Lower credit card processing rates

I'm really happy to announce that starting today (well, last night actually) all credit card transactions through Tula Software will now be 2.5% + $0.30/transaction. This lowers the processing fees down from the 2.9% + transaction fees that it was at previously.

With this change, most transactions for your business will be lower than even most 'card present' solutions.

We've written before about the role community plays with successful studios, and how the way in which you conduct your business drives the type of customers you get. We're really happy that we're now able to give you a price point even for stored credit cards that can complete with in person swipe rates such as Square.

Compare with Square:

$99 Monthly Membership: Square @2.75% = $2.73 - Tula @ 2.5% +$/30/txn = $2.78
$140 Ten Pack: Square @2.75% = $3.85 - Tula @ 2.5% +$/30/txn = $3.80

If you have credit cards on file already, you know how easy and effortless it is to make a new purchase for someone. It's literally a click on a dropdown and the press of a button.

We're really happy that we were able to lower the processing rate for everyone, and even more excited about the opportunities it gives you as a business owner.