Strengthen Your Studio: 'Can you be a yogi and own a yoga studio?'

I'm really happy to announce that today we're launching a new podcast today called 'Strengthen Your Studio' that will be all about the business of yoga, much of it concentrating specifically on the business of running a yoga studio. We're hoping to have guests of all kinds, and as with all creative endeavors we'll have to see how things go and adjust accordingly.

Our plan right now is to release a new episode every Thursday. We'll post the shows here on the Tula blog, and it will of course be available in the iTunes store as well.

For our first episode I was joined by one of our earliest customers, Kate Smith of Gaea Yoga in Mt. Pleasant South Carolina. Kate was kind enough to share a lot of what she's learned about running a yoga studio, having experience opening, closing and reopening again.

I'm really grateful Kate took the time to talk with me, and I think there's good information in here new studio owners and veterans alike.

Check out the show below, subscribe in iTunes, or download the mp3 directly.