Teach yoga to baby boomers

I came across this article in my twitter feed today about a company that has built an entire city catering to baby-boomers, and I had the thought: 'more yoga instructors should be teaching more yoga to more baby boomers.'  

It's pretty well known that there's a bit of a supply and demand imbalance for yoga instructors, and in some cities even amazing yoga instructors struggle to find studios to teach in. The solution then is to generate demand.

Here's a business idea for any yoga instructor having trouble finding a place to teach:

  1. Contact every retirement home within a 15 mile radius of where you live and figure out whether they'd be interested in partnering with you to provide a service to their community.
  2. Explain that you want to provide yoga to their community at a certain price per person. Let's say $10 per person as an example. They don't have to pay anything, they just need to provide you with a room that could hold enough people for the class.
  3. Take the first $50 to cover your costs, and then have some appropriate revenue share afterwards.

Of course, adjust and modify the specifics above as appropriate for you and your community. Everything is hard and this wouldn't be easy. But I think the theme applies. More and more people are retiring every day, and moving into communities that must cater in a better way to the health and well being of retirees.

As yoga instructors, you have the ability to provide a service that gives you the opportunity to enhance people's lives through yoga, while also giving other businesses a service that will help them stay competitive as they look to attract new customers.

Take it for what it's worth - I think a yoga business focused on serving baby boomers would do extraordinarily well.