Yoga Roundup XVI: Feb. 9 – Feb. 15, 2014

The Week’s Top Yoga News, According to the People at Tula Software

Yoga Gets the Gold
U.S. Snowboarder Jamie Anderson won gold at the first ever women’s slopestyle event at the Olympics in Sochi earlier this week, and she credits yoga to helping her get there. The four time X Games champ told a reporter she was so nervous the night before that she couldn’t even eat. “I was trying to calm down. Put on some meditation music, burn some sage. Got the candles going. Just trying to do a little bit of yoga." "Yoga always comes through for me." Congrats to Jamie on the big win!

Cupid’s Ustrasana

Didn’t get a chance to book that partner’s yoga workshop for Valentine’s Day and now it’s full?No problem! Light some candles, get some food catered, pretend you made it and practice these couples yoga moves to create the perfect night in. You’re welcome.  

Yoga is For Everyone, Really

 Still thinking you’re too stiff, too tired, too old, too heavy or too poor to do yoga? Think again! Daily Cup of Yoga blogger Meagan McCrary tells us about the biggest misconceptions in yoga. After reading this, there’s no excuses anymore.

Yoga 101

If you’re exploring the many types of yoga and wondering which is best for you, give Yin Yoga a try! Yin is a slower-paced yoga practice, one where poses are held for a very long time compared to your normal yoga class, around five minutes per pose. This YogiTimes article tells us that we should work with gravity in Yin, rather than against it like in some other forms. It also says Yin could help us with our sleep AND back troubles.  I think you’ve found your answer.