Introducing Special Events

I'm thrilled to announce today the release of a new feature we're calling Special Events.

We've long wanted to improve how Tula could handle things like workshops, retreats, and other one off events, and we're thrilled with the implementation we've come up with.

Our primary aim is to always make sure Tula is extraordinarily easy to use, and this philosophy can be seen with our implementation of special events.

So how do you make a special event?

We stayed true to the foundation upon which Tula was already built, which is that students buy passes, and these passes give people the rights to attend a class.

Because of this, creating a special event with Tula is almost identical to creating a regular class. First you create a pass that people can purchase, and then you create the class.

Now however, when creating special event passes and special events, there's just a small switch you flip to indicate this is for a special event.

Add your pass (or passes) that people can purchase for your special event.


Next, add your special event or group of events. Importantly, you can make repeating classes to also be special events.

How it works

When you create a special event pass, instead of giving it credits, you indicate how many times is can be used at associated special events. 

Then, when making your special event class, you indicate which special event passes can be associated with that special event. 

Instead of removing credits from students when checking people in, we instead check to make sure that they have a pass for that special event that can still be used. 

And of course, checking people into a special event is just as easy as a regular class. The only difference is, instead of showing you the number of credits they have left, we indicate for you whether they have a valid pass.  And if a student needs to purchase a pass to that special event, we'll only show the valid passes as purchase options.

Indicating special events

Very lastly, whenever a class is a special event, or if a pass is a special event, we'll indicate this reality with a nice red badge. 



Easy, powerful and flexible

What's so nice about this implementation is that it's very open to a number of different use cases. Have a special event that consists of 15 classes? No problem! Have a single retreat, that can be handled too. Need to have a separate price to special events for members and non-members? That too can be handled with ease. 

We're thrilled to launch Special Events, and we hope you love this new feature as mch as we do.